May 21th - 27th, 2024 Meeting Niklaus Brantschen International Zen Days

with the participation of Marianne Kaiser, dance teacher (Zurich)
and Peter Terness, Zen teacher (Heidelberg)

A week of farewell

Niklaus Brantschen, Swiss Jesuit and Zen master (87 years old) is coming to Hungary and Romania for the last time. He has known the Hungarian Jesuits’ House of Dialogue in Budapest for 10 years and gave regular lectures there. He then gave various courses at Posticum, Oradea. As he says, our house is his second home.
We are very pleased that we were able to reposition our center with the help of Niklaus Brantschen. We thank him for helping to found the Zen Hostel. His visits and his presence have significantly shaped the cosmopolitan spirituality of our house.
With regret, but with joy, we are now planning his farewell party.
Those who know Father Brantschen and would like to say goodbye to him are particularly invited to the event.

Elements of days

– Zen meditations led by Niklaus Brantschen and Peter Terness
– Impulses from Niklaus Brantschen on the topic: How do I lead a fulfilled life?
– Healing and healing dance with Marianne Kaiser
– Day trip to the Western Carpathians
– Conclusion: aperitif and jazz concert. Attachment for the 25th anniversary of Posticum

Start: Tuesday, May 21st at 6:00 p.m. with dinner
End: Monday, May 27th, 1:00 p.m. after lunch


Overnight stay per person including full board for 7 days/6 nights:
Single room with shower: 655 EURO
Double room with shower: 350 EURO
Triple and quadruple room with shower: 250 EURO

Further details and registration: Application Link

Artur Gyalai, program manager of the house
Tel: 0040 755 107 690

Imre Rencsik, founder/director of the house
Tel: 0041 76 605 16 57