Refugee project with volunteers

As a house of spirituality, it is always important to us to make social contribution as well. In the spirit of Niklaus Brantschen, Jesuit and Zen master, friend of our house, who likes to say: “Spirituality and commitment to the world belong together like
breathing in and out.”
This message shapes us and we have started a project for the refugees from Ukraine.

The programme essentially comprises the following elements:

Deepen silence
In the current time of war and Corona, we see an opportunity to gather strength. We offer space for common Zen – meditation, for yoga and chi-kung.

As a community, we want to create an atmosphere through personal exchange that reduces fears and worries and enables new confidence
Cooking for the needy
Our city is in the border area, where many people come from Ukraine. Many of them drive on but they need food and drink. We want to help them with that. We cook together in our agape restaurant and cater free of charge for the people who are in need of a warm meal. In this way we combine our contemplative way of life with service to those in need.

The following are the most important key data for the volunteers:

Target group: People who want to live and experience this special time in a meaningful way
Duration: Duration of stay can be determined individually.
Daily structure: Working in the kitchen and in the house, around 4 hours a day; spiritual supporting program and exchange; free time to attend to personal matters.
Costs: Participation is free of charge, donations are gladly accepted

Registration and contact:
Viktor Pari, email:, tel. +36709482322

Now you are invited to do something good for yourself and others . We would be happy if you forwarded the offer to friends and acquaintances.

We welcome Zen practitioners as well as those interested in the spiritual experience of sharing answers to the challenges of today’s wartime.
With friendly greetings from the Zen Hostel Posticum

Imre Rencsik
General manager of the house
Tel. 0040 770 465 893
0041 76 605 16 57