Massage: the oldest medical treatment

Massage: the oldest medical treatment

We welcome guests who are open to the unity experience to the Posticum guest house “The Zen Hostel”. Life is beautiful and good. How can you experience it? Be our guest! If you visit us for a few days, you can be a part of the physical-spiritual harmony.

Architecturally, the house is a force field. It is not protected by walls surrounded by bastions, but by purity, silence and harmony. The work of masseur Emil Moldovan also serves to transfer energy.

Massage is the most ancient healing, well-being-improving and disease-preventing treatment. Our masseuses use several techniques (e.g. Thai), Tibetan and other medical aids. With their work, they help to bring to the surface and resolve blockages in the body and soul.

When booking a guest room, you can apply for a free massage here:

Monday – Friday 10.00 – 12.30

Choose a time that suits you, then make an appointment with our staff member.

For a time outside the specified program, you must apply directly to the masseuse for a fee.